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How to Get Timex Watches in Italy

American watch company, Timex, specializes in producing quality hand-made watches for men and women. They have the reputation of producing “world’s first” items such as the first sports wristwatch created in 1984, and the first connected smartwatch in 1994. 

Luckily for fashion enthusiasts in Italy, Timex offers direct shipping to Italy! They also have a substantial retail presence in Italy!

The watch company first started in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock company. In 2008, the name officially became Timex Group B.V. Timex is an American company, with its headquarters located in the Netherlands. It also operates in many countries in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. 

Timex offers a wide variety of men’s watches, including digital watches, military inspired watches, vintage watches, smartwatches, leather watches, straps, and customized watches. Women are not left out, as Timex also has a section for women’s watches, bracelets, and straps.

Timex is high in quality, but many items are still affordable. There are items at most price points, so if you are a celebrity or a “regular” individual, there’s a Timex watch for you.

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