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Can I Buy Jimmy Choo in Italy?

Luxury fashion house Jimmy Choo was founded by the eponymous footwear designer Datuk “Jimmy Choo” and fashion editor Tamara Mellon. The world-famous brand produces luxury handbags, shoes, accessories, and fragrances.

Jimmy Choo’s iconic shoes, commonly referred to just as ‘Choos’, are the stars of the show. Its ‘Romy’ pumps available in bestselling ombre glitter can also be purchased in virtually any color and style to suit your personal preferences, including leather, solid color, and even animal print. Their most recent masterpieces are ‘Averly’ and ‘Aveline’, which are pumps and strappy sandals all characterized by ultra-feminine, oversized, dreamy bows. The best part? They are all handcrafted right here in Italy!

As a brand, Jimmy Choo is also well known for their fragrances: Jimmy Choo Illicit, Vanilla Love, and Iris Crush.

You’re in luck because you can get your hands on one of their stunning creations right here in Italy.

Click here to shop Jimmy Choo Italy.