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How Do I get Reebok in Italy?

In 1958, Jeff & Joe Foster founded Reebok. They were following grandfather- J W Foster & Sons- footsteps, as this brand was one of the firt use spikes on athletic shoes. This spirit of innovation- and a die-hard love for all things athletic- stuck. And today, Reebok is well known for both apparel and footwear.

The lines at the heart of the brand are Club C, specifically its Club C 85s, Classic Leather, named so for their leather and suede uppers, Question, a cult-favorite for basketball lovers, and Nano, a breathable, versatile sneaker for intense training.

You can easily get Reebok by making sure to put in your Italy shipping address during checkout. Reebok ships to Italy, so you’ll get your shoes, clothes, and accessories in no time!

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