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Can You Get Wolf & Badger in the US?

Wolf and Badger is a fast-growing online specialty brand for independent luxury designers. These designers get a slot on Wolf & Badger online and physical stores to directly market their catalog to customers. The independent artists create unique, high-quality stylish items.

There’s good news too: Wolf & Badger offers direct shipping to the United States!

Wolf & Badger was founded in 2010 by Henry and George Graham. Today, they partner with over 1000 designers in the world to take fashion to another level. Wolf & Badger creates all designs in the UK.

Unlike many mass fashion brands, items in the Wolf & Badger collection are unique, and allow the wearer to stand out. They offer a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, beauty products, and home decors. 

Wolf & Badger’s target audience are fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the work of independent designers.

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