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13 Cheap, Trendy Fashion Sites with FREE International Shipping

Everyone love to look their best, but no one wants to spend too much. Especially not on shipping!

We’ve found 13 of the best cheap fashion sites that offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.


Shein is one of the biggest names in cute, trendy, affordable fashion. While there are other companies that quickly turnaround styles, Shein leads the way. Customers love that there are always new styles, and that prices are so cheap, so it’s no surprise that Shein is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. 

Although the prices of Shein’s clothing are super inexpensive to begin with, shoppers love the “buy more, save more” sales. Additionally, shoppers can create a login and earn additional percentage-off coupons (ex: 10% of $49+, 15% off $89, 20% off $189+, etc).

Gen Z and Millennial shoppers also love that Shein also offers free international shipping (with qualifying purchase). The amount customers need to spend varies from country to country (but it’s a pretty low threshold everywhere), but be sure to check terms of your country.


Spanish-founded Mango is loved by professionals the world over, thanks to their timeless designs and appreciation for detail. Each of their pieces incorporates contemporary styles, making the collections simultaneously timeless and on-trend. 

Men, women, and children can all shop Mango’s contemporary, Mediterranean styles. The women’s collections are feminine and unique. The men’s collection focuses on incorporating comfort to both tailored and relaxed pieces. The kids’ choices are youthful, fresh, natural, and fun. Unlike many other fast fashion retailers, Mango also has a dedicated line for teens who want to express themselves. And shoppers can even shop Mango’s home collections for textiles for the bed, bath, and beyond.  

While Mango’s aesthetic is a bit more timeless/work appropriate than other modern fashion retailers, they still maintain an on-trend vibe. In fact, Mango designs over 18,000 pieces every year. This quick turnaround ensures clothes always reflect current trends and are never stale. 

Millions of shoppers search for Mango online each month. And though Mango enjoys global popularity, shoppers in Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Canada, Colombia, Ukraine, Austria, and Switzerland are especially fond of Mango’s professional-meets-cool styles. 

Mango ships to almost every country in the world. They offer free international shipping on purchases of at least $50 USD/ €30. 


Whether it’s for a big party or a special night out, women want to look and feel their best. And for many Gen Z and Millennial women, looking their best means looking sexy. 

And shoppers who love the sexy look love BoutiqueFeel. The online-only retailer offers tons of figure-hugging fashions for extremely low prices. They also add hundreds of new items each week, so these shoppers love to return and shop again and again.

Because BoutiqueFeel also has an app (and their site is easy to browse on mobile), it’s easy for shoppers to buy from their phones. Some of the site’s most popular items include bodysuits, crop tops, jumpsuits, jeans, coats, tie-dye tops and more. 

For women looking for cheap, sexy clothing online, look no further than BoutiqueFeel. While BoutiqueFeel is popular globally, the brand has achieved particular popularity in Brazil, France, Germany, and Spain. 

BoutiqueFeel ships to almost every country in the world, and offer free international shipping (on all orders of US$69 or higher)


H&M is the “original” fast fashion powerhouse. What started as a single retailer in Sweden in 1947 has grown to be one of the largest and most successful affordable clothing retailers in the world. Today, H&M is in nearly 75 markets worldwide.

Men, women, and children can all find trendy, cheap clothes at H&M. The brand also has a line of gender-neutral clothing, as well as a home line (everything from bedding and towels to toys and tableware). 

Beyond H&M’s already extremely affordable prices, the brand also has an extensive sale section, as well as occasional promotions. Items including blazers, sweaters, shorts, jeans, and shoes for the whole family are included in these promotions.

H&M ships to over 50 countries globally. For most of these countries, H&M has free international shipping (with qualifying purchases of varying amounts). However, challenges associated with Covid-19 may alter the minimum spend commitments and the countries to which free shipping is offered. 

Fashion Nova

Shoppers seeking sexy steals love Fashion Nova. The Los Angeles-based company is one of the most popular “quick-to-market” retailers today. This means trendy, curve-hugging styles go from the idea board to available for sale in a very short amount of time. In fact, they deliver over 1,000 new styles each week!

Fashion Nova offers collections for women, men (FashionNovaMEN), and children (FashionNovaKIDS. They also have an extended collection of sexy choices for curvier girls (the line is called FashionNovaCURVE).

In addition to “regular” shoppers loving the on-trend, affordable clothing from Fashion Nova, the brand also boasts a number of celebrity fans, too! Superstars like Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Tyga, the Game, Saweetie, Offset, YG, The Game, and City Girls either rock Fashion Nova fashions or mention the brand in their chart-topping hits.

While the US-based Fashion Nova has global popularity, shoppers in France, Mexico, Germany, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil are particularly fond of the brand. And there’s good news, too: not only does Fashion Nova ship to these countries, they deliver to nearly every country and territory in the world. So no one has to miss out on hot, cheap fashion. 

All Fashion Nova purchases ship free internationally, with a minimum purchase of $125 USD. 

New Look

While many fast-fashion retailers have just popped up in the past few years, not New Look. Since 1969 the British-favorite retailer has been offering fashionistas on-trend looks at affordable prices.

In the past few years, however, New Look has really focused on serving customers globally. Nearly a quarter of a billion people from 66 countries visited their site in 2021. 

The most popular items vary from season to season (puffer jackets in the winter, shorts in the summer), but categories like tops, dresses, trousers, denim, and loungewear remain popular year round.  But be sure to shop quickly: New Look adds over 800 new pieces to their site each week!

New Look currently ships to 70 countries globally. New Look ships purchases for free internationally, so long as the total purchase value is at least €65, and contains a full-priced item. If not, global shipping is just €7.

Princess Polly 

Whether a young woman is looking for a bodycon dress, a casual dress, or a party dress, Princess Polly is a first-stop for many trendy young shoppers looking for a style on a budget. Beyond their extensive collection of every-occasion dresses, shoppers love the tops, rompers, bottoms, jackets, jewelry, and shoes at Princess Polly, too.

The fast-fashion industry has recently gotten a reputation for unsustainable sourcing practices, not so with Princess Polly. In 2021, they joined the United Nations Global Compact, and have vowed to continuously improve sourcing and sustainability. Princess Polly is also committed to becoming a carbon neutral, zero waste business where everyone is included and belongs. These tenets of sustainability and inclusion are core beliefs of their Gen Z fans, and well-position the brand among these shoppers. 

Today, Princess Polly ships to every country and territory in the world, so it’s easy for everyone to get on-trend fashion at cheap prices. Shoppers living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden can all enjoy completely free shipping on orders greater than $50 US/ €50. Shoppers outside of these countries will see shipping costs of $10-15, depending on their location. 


The China-based fast-fashion brand Romwe is a popular choice among Gen Z. Because the brand is online-only and mobile first, they’re a natural choice for young shoppers who’ve grown up with phones. 

Via Romwe’s website or mobile app, shoppers can browse staples like t-shirts, sweatpants, skirts, hoodies, and sweaters. They also can shop for trendier choices like crop tops, party dresses, puffer coats, barely there styles, and even “Gen Z prints.” Both petite ladies and curvier girls will also find trendy pieces to fit their frames, thanks to Romwe’s extended sizes (XS, XXL, and Curve).

While Romwe- which is a sister brand to behemoth Shein- has quite the following globally, a few countries over-index in their love for the brand. Trend-setters in Spain, France, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, and Germany often start their shopping at Romwe. 

In addition to these countries, Romwe ships to nearly every country in the world. They offer international free shipping, on minimum qualifying purchases. The minimum required purchase varies by country- $19 in the United States, €129 in Andorra, $59 in Bolivia, and $89 in Georgia- so be sure to check your individual country for minimum purchase amounts to qualify for free international shipping from Romwe.


Yoins is one of the most popular names in teen/young adult shopping. They’re known for their quick concept-to-shelf clothing turnaround times, on-trend styles, and cheap prices. The popular Yoins website logically categorizes styles by basics, dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, intimates, accessories, and sale items. 

Within these categories, shoppers can drill down to more specific selections. For instance, in the “Bottoms” sections, shoppers can shop by type (skirt, shorts, leggings, jeans, etc). They can also shop by style (sexy, boho, casual, party, everyday, holiday, night out), by pattern (plaid, animal print, floral, striped, etc), or by waist type (high waisted, mid waist, low waist, drawstring waist, or elastic waist). They even offer pants by trend (bike shorts, denim shorts, cargo pants, floral playsuits, etc). And these choices are just for pants! Imagine how many choices there are for tops, dresses, accessories, and more!

In addition to an extensive selection of styles, shoppers love the ultra cheap prices at Yoins. Depending on the promotion, offers can start at just  €.01/ $.01! That’s like free clothing!

Speaking of free, Yoins offers free international shipping (with qualifying purchases) that’s quick, (Yoins promises 5-18 days). The minimum spend commitment varies by country (free shipping to the US with $60 purchase, €70 in France, and $129 in Anguilla, for instance), so be sure to check your individual country for spend requirements for free shipping. 

They also offer a 30 day return period. With terms, styles, and deals like these, you can’t go wrong with Yoins.


The world over, Millennial and Gen Z women love Revolve. The online-only retailer curates nearly 50,000 pieces of clothing, accessories, footwear, and beauty products and presents them in a logical, easy-to-navigate site. Over 1000 brands are represented on the site, so shoppers are likely to find an item no matter the occasion, style, or budget. 

Revolve launched in 2003, after realizing that traditional retailers didn’t speak to young women. Sites were either too mass (department stores, etc) or too niche (specialty stores), so Revolve was launched to fill the void. 

Shoppers can browse by clothing category, event (On Vacation, For Date Night, To Work, etc), or designer (AGOLDE, Birkenstock, Golden Goose, Levi’s, Beyond Yoga, etc). 

It’s easy to shop Revolve. Either browse the site, or download the mobile app. Revolve ships to every country in the world, and offers FREE international shipping (US free, $100 minimum purchase required internationally).


London-based Boohoo is one of the hottest names in fashion. They boast over 10 million social media followers- mostly their core audience of Millennial and Gen Z women- who are also big buyers.

These followers-turned-shoppers love that Boohoo releases over 500 new items each week. This ensures the items on the site are not only cutting edge, but also fun to shop, as the collections are ever changing. 

Favorite shirts include smock tops, crop tops, and corsets. Pant styles rangers from wide leg to skinnies, flared cuts to joggers, and even culottes, striped pants, faux leather pants, paper bag pants, and mom jeans. Dresses are sorted by length and fit (maxi, midi, mini, bodycon, wrap dresses, etc), occasion (formal, going out, cocktail, casual, etc) and overall style (halter dresses, skater dresses, blazer dresses, etc).

Women who typically have a harder time finding stylish clothes that fit (shorter, taller, curvy, or pregnant girls) will love the extended size collections from Boohoo. They’ll also love the frequent, huge sales the retailer has. These sales (ex: “60% off everything”) along with promotions on things like duties and taxes make Boohoo a great choice. 

Boohoo offers shipping to most countries and territories. And they offer free shipping (but only to the UK) with Boohoo Premier. Need to ship outside the United Kingdom? Shipping is only £7 globally. 

Ally Fashion

Australia’s fashion darling, Ally Fashion, offers ultra-low prices on trendy styles. Each week, they release over 400 new items, so the selection at Ally Fashion is always on-point. 

In addition to offering trendy clothes for cheap, Ally Fashion is loved by shoppers for their emphasis on body positivity and inclusivity. They don’t airbrush or digitally alter any of their models, and work with models of all sorts of sizes and shapes. And in 2018, Ally extended their sizing to include more plus/curve sizes, too. 

Ally Shoppers will find an extensive collection of popular items like skirts (including ruffle skirts, floral skirts, satin skirts, skater skirts, animal-print skirts, knit skirts, and more) and tops (wrap tops, crop tops, off-the-shoulder tops, cami shirts, t-shirts, and blouses). Ally Fashion also sells tons of dresses, accessories, denim, and plus-size options. 

Shoppers seeking trendy, affordable fashion in every country are in luck: Ally Fashion ships to every country in the world. For those living in Australia, shipping is free with purchases over $60 AUS. Shoppers outside of Australia will incur a flat-rate shipping fee of $25 US. While this may sound high, it equates to about $15 Euro, which isn’t terrible. But to make the shipping cost “more worthwhile,” consider placing a larger order, or pool orders with friends to split shipping costs.


One of the hottest social topics among Gen Z and young Millennials is body positivity. And a company leading the way of inclusivity and body positivity is ASOS. They’re ads embody the notion that all body types deserve- and need- representation. The brand works with over 200 models of differing sizes and shapes. They also don’t retouch or digitally alter any of their images, so customers know this is how the clothing really looks on real people. 

When it first launched over two decades ago, ASOS was an acronym for “As Seen on Screen,” and cataloged- and recreated famous on-screen costumes. Think the red leather jacket Brad Pitt wore in Fight Club or the yellow plaid skirt set Alicia Silverstone sported in Clueless. 

But today, ASOS focuses on modern fashion. Beyond their house brands- which are offered in 30+ fits/sizes- they’ve also curated looks from 850+ additional brands. Because so many on-trend brands are available from one site, shopping at ASOS is a good way to save on shipping costs if you want to shop multiple brands. Popular brands like Bershka, Levi’s, Missguided, Nike, and Pull & Bear can all be found on the ASOS website. 

Shopping ASOS is so easy. Not only does AOSO ship to every country and territory globally, they offer FREE international shipping on all purchases. 

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