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11 of the BEST Luxury Brands in the World

catwalk models in luxury clothing

Neiman Marcus

Since 1907, the Dallas, Texas (United States)-based luxury department store has offered elegant, beautifully designed clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, children, and the home. The store was almost instantly successful because they filled a niche- high-end fashions in oil-rich, but fashion-weak, Texas. 

Throughout the 20th century, the store grew from a single location in Dallas to nearly 40 retail locations in the United States. Early on, they earned a reputation for stocking only the finest clothing, accessories, and housewares. Leter, Neiman Marcus garnered significant press for their famed Christmas catalogs. Unlike other retailers who’d recommend sensible gifts like scarves or gloves, the Neiman Marcus catalog featured extravagant items like a $20 million submarine, a $35 million Boeing business jet, and even a mummy case with a real mummy inside!

Today, Neiman Marcus operates not only the eponymous store, but also Bergdorf Goodman and high-end home retailer Horchow. They also have a controlling interest in Kate Spade, Liz Claiborne, cosmetics brand Laura Mercier, and German luxury retailer MyTheresa. 

Neiman Marcus ships to 192 Countries & Territories

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman is one of the most iconic department stores both in New York City and the world. The brand- which was founded in 1899- has been a fixture of high-end, Fifth Avenue shopping for over 100 years. 

Although there were other premium clothing designers in New York around 1915, Bergdorf Goodman carved its own niche. They were the first brand to offer “ready to wear” collections. This differentiation quickly made the department store a must-visit location for both American and French fashionistas. 

Over 100 years after the founding of Bergdorf Goodman, in 2002, the flagship store underwent a massive renovation. The newly renovated stored now features in-store boutiques for brands like Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Unlike other luxury fashion retailers and department stores, the only physical location of Bergdorf Goodman is their adjacent locations on Fifth Avenue (between 57th and 58th streets) in Manhattan. However, shoppers the world over can still shop the luxury collections of Bergdorf Goodman online, as Bergdorf Goodman ships to 192 countries and territories

Harvey Nichols

Since 1831, Harvey Nichols has been a British institution. They sell everything from men’s and women’s fashion and accessories, to cosmetics and fragrances, and even premium food and wine. 

The posh retailer has multiple locations in England, along with presences in Scotland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. 

Harvey Nichols is a great choice for shoppers looking to save on quality merchandise. The chain often runs large promotions, where said shoppers can save as much as 50% off the cost of high-end clothing, shoes, accessories, and homegoods. 

And no matter where someone lives, shopping Harvey Nichols’s extensive collection is easy. The British department store offers shipping to every country and territory in the world.

Alexander McQueen

For edgy, luxurious coats, tops, leather, dresses, skirts, shoes, and accessories, fashionistas flock to Alexander McQueen. Ever since the British luxury brand’s 1992 founding, those “in the know” have coveted his designs. For instance, despite their obvious lack of practicality, the famed “Armadillo shoe” remains one of the brands’ most iconic. 

Alexander McQueen offers a complete collection of designer fashions. Shoppers can coordinate their heels or sneakers with high end handbags, accessories, and clothing. The ready-to-wear line includes everything from denim and t-shirts to leather and trousers. Men and women can even shop jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces, rings, charms, and pins. 

While we love so much about the brand overall, one of our favorite things about Alexander McQueen is their generous shipping policy. Unlike other companies who require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping, Alexander McQueen offers free shipping on all purchases. And it’s expedited. And it’s global. 

That’s right: free, expedited international shipping! 🎉

See if your country is among the 29 countries Alexander McQueen ships to for free. But if you live in a country that Alexander McQueen doesn’t ship to, don’t worry- you can still get Alexander McQueen. We recommend shoppers buy through a luxury department store that carries Alexander McQueen and ships to you. We like premium retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, or Harvey Nichols. Each store ships to almost every country in the world and carries Alexander McQueen. 

Dolce and Gabbana

If there’s one designer that’s synonymous with high-end fashion, that name is Dolce & Gabbana. Formed by two eponymous Italian fashion designers in the mid-1980s, the brand’s legacy continues today.

In addition to iconic shoes,  Dolce & Gabbana also offers couture clothing. Stylish shoppers can coordinate shoes with blazers, denim, sweaters, trousers, and loungewear. Dolce and Gabanna even has a line of men’s and women’s swimwear.

Beyond the clothing choices for adults, Dolce & Gabbana offers a chic- but sweet- collection for kids. They offer everything from adorable crib shoes and onesies for newborns, to on-trend kids’ styles are equally bold and edgy. 

Shipping rates are flat rate, and fairly quick (less than a week) to all 101 countries to which Dolce & Gabbana ships. 


Anyone who’s ever walked past street vendors in a major city has likely seen everything from scarves to hats to bags to sunglasses emblazoned with a bold check pattern. 

Savvy shoppers will quickly recognize the pattern as (a knockoff) of the world-famous Burberry check. The pattern embodies British elegance, luxury, and warmth. The most popular items in the Burberry collection are their iconic trench coats, along with leather goods and handbags, shoes, accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics, too. 

Burberry’s emphasis on craftsmanship and elegance extends to their shipping and delivery process. The British brand  offers complimentary shipping on all purchases, even internationally. 

Shoppers in 44 countries can order items from Burberry directly. But if you live in a country where Burberry doesn’t ship, consider shopping at a high-end department store that does carry Burberry. We like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Harvey Nichols because they ship to almost every country in the world and carry Burberry.


Luxury shoe-a-holics rejoice at the discovery of Budapester. The internationally famous retailer for premium shoe brands compiles over 100 of the most exclusive brands and presents them in a clean, curated environment. They’re dedicated to showcasing luxurious shoe and handbag brands. They also offer white-glove service to their shoppers both in their German stores and online. 

While Budapester has been serving German customers in their flagship stores since 1939, it was only in 2015 that the luxury shoe retailer created a website. Today the site presents 120 of the top luxury brands, including Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Balenciaga. 

Designer shoe enthusiasts can virtually browse over 5000 pairs of sneakers, pumps, ankle boots, mules, slippers, and more from anywhere in the world. And since Budapester also stocks designer handbags and accessories like scarves, belts, and sunglasses, entire looks can easily be coordinated on just one site. 

Shoppers the world over love Budapester because of their reasonable shipping policy. The German retailer has partnered with DHL for quick, efficient global shipping. In most cases, purchases are delivered in 3-7 business days, much faster than most retailers. And shipping is a flat rate of $9.65. 

Budapester ships to an astonishing 166 countries


Since 1961, Paris-based Diptyque has been THE name in premium home scents. While they’re best known for their luxury candles, they also have a line of cult-favorite diffusers, personal fragrances, and body care. 

Perennial favorite scents include Figuier (fig tree), Baies (berries), Eau Rose, Do Son, Philosykos, and Fleur de Peau. In addition to their full size candles, shoppers also love their travel sizes- both for travel, as well as “samplers” of the most popular collections. 

Diptyque also offers seasonal scents for spring, the holidays, and more. 

Another reason to love Diptyque: they offer free shipping! Diptyque ships to 33 countries.

If you’re looking to get Diptyque, but they don’t ship to your country, consider shopping a luxury department store. Many carry Diptyque, and ship globally. Our favorites are  Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, or Harvey Nichols, as they carry Diptyque and ship to almost every country in the world. 


Starting- and ending- the day surrounded by soft, supple fabric is an intimate, indulgent luxury. And Italian luxury linen company- Frette- is one of the best choices for premium linens. 

The textile company was founded in 1860, and for over 150 years they’ve been producing the finest in bedding, bath linens, and even luxury loungewear.  

Popular items include pillow and duvet inserts, bath linens (towels, rugs, etc), and decorative pillows. Also popular are duvet covers, blankets, and of course, sheets.

Frette ships to over 40 countries globally, and orders greater than 250€ are shipped for free. If Frette doesn’t ship to your country, consider shopping Frette at a luxury department store like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, or Harvey Nichols. Each store ships to almost every country in the world and carries the Frette line. 

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a Britain-based luxury brand specializing in premium bags, accessories, fragrances, and of course, shoes. The brand is one of the biggest names in designer footwear, and fans lovingly refer to them as  just ‘Choos.’ 

The brand was started in 1996 by British Vogue editor Tamara Mellon and the eponymous Datuk “Jimmy” Choo. And the dynamic duo’s never looked back. The designer team continues to create stylish heels including classic bestsellers such as Bing, Rory, and Minori. 

Shoppers also love their stunning fragrances, with enticing names such as Illicit, Vanilla Love, and Iris Crush.

Jimmy Choo ships to an astonishing 170 countries and territories, and shipping is FREE on all orders. 

La Mer

Expensive skin care products are ubiquitous, but one shines above the rest for its lasting results and affection from the rich and famous: La Mer. 

The brand’s inventor- and aerospace physicist- suffered laboratory burn, but believed the restorative elements of sea kelp could help rejuvenate his damaged skin. Fast forward 12 years and over 6,000 iterations, and the foundation for all La Mer products- the Miracle Broth- was invented. 

Today the La Mer collection includes moisturizers, eye treatments, serums, masks, lip care, body care, and even cosmetics. 
In addition to distribution in premium department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Harvey Nichols, La Mer ships to 18 countries globally. La Mer offers free shipping and samples on all products.