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8 of The Best Stores to get On-trend, Affordable Clothes… that are NOT Zara, H&M, or Mango

Having the coolest clothes is always important. As is finding a store with cheap clothes. And sure Mango, Zara, and H&M are great stores, but everyone shops there. If you want to stand out from the crowd, sport the absolute latest fashion styles, and not break the bank we have just the list for you. 

Here are 8 other brands that offer cool clothes, hot prices, and easy, modern shopping experiences. 


Ask any 13-30 year old who’s into fashion to name their fashion brand, and chances are good Shein will be at the top of the list. In just a few years, the Chinese fast-fashion star has become one of the most popular online shopping destinations. Their biggest fans are Gen Z and other young shoppers who want cool, cheap clothes.

Unlike other fast fashion retailers, Shein is online only (they don’t have any stores). However, Shein does have a super-popular app. The mobile-first retailer has shot to fame thanks to catchy content and ads on Instagram and TikTok. Gen Z to regularly posts their ultra- affordable shopping hauls on these platforms. This user-generated content further expands Shein’s reach.

In addition to already cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories, Shein often offers additional discounts. Sometimes the discount is a “Buy More, Save More” sale. Other times it’s free shipping with qualifying minimum spend. They also offer additional percentage discounts for first time shoppers.

If you’re looking for the newest additions to the Shein collection, they make it super easy to find recent additions. Simply click on the “New In” tab and select either the category (New in Tops, Coats & Jackets, Denim, etc), or release date. That’s right, Shein allows you to search for site additions by date! And they catalog new releases by date for the previous week, so if you missed a day or two, it’s easy to look back. 

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Light in the Box

Fashionable shoppers looking for super affordable clothes for both women AND men should check out Light in the Box. What makes Light in the Box cool is a few things. Onw the biggest is that they’re always offering some sort of additional discount or sale. This is on top of the already reasonable prices. For instance, women’s jumpsuits start at €7/$8, while going out dresses are only €9/$10. Then, Light in the Box offers additional percentage-off discounts on qualifying orders. They also offer buy-more, save-more sales (ex: Buy 2, Save 10%, Buy 3 Save 15%, etc). 

Another reason shoppers love Light in the Box is the ever-changing merchandise selection. Light in the Box is a fast-fashion retailer that cuts out the middleman. This is done by manufacturing the clothes and selling them directly to consumers. As such, they release over 1,000 new items per day. One thousand new items EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

It can be nerve wracking to shop a China-based retailer for the first time. But shoppers can feel confident with Light in the Box. They offer secure payment and a respectable return period. They’ve also partnered with shipping behemoth DHL for quick delivery worldwide.

So go ahead and buy that romper, hoodie, dress for a friend’s wedding, yoga clothes, or even a even costume. The extensive, ever-changing selection of cheap clothes and accessories is sure to please. 

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While Aeropostale is a staple of many American shopping malls, the brand may be less well known outside of the United States. Aeropostale caters to teens and young adults with affordable casual apparel. Popular merchandise includes jeans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Depending on the season, shoppers may also find items like flannel shirts, sweaters, and coats, or tank tops, shorts, and swimwear. The brand also offers activewear and underwear year round. 

Aeropostale is slightly different from other mall fixtures like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle. The primary differentiator is their control over proprietary brands design, sourcing, production, and marketing. This end-to-end design and production control allows them to manufacture items quickly, and deliver new items quickly. It also allows them to pass savings on to the shopper in the form of cheap clothes. 

Aeropostale has licensed over 350 stores globally. In LATAM, they have stores in Mexico, Panama, Chile, and Guatemala. In the Middle East, stores can be found in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Aeropostale also has stores in the Philippines, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.

Aeropostale offers shipping to almost every country, so it’s easy to get Aeropostale

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One of the hottest names in online shopping for teens and young adults is Yoins. Yoins specializes in quick turnaround times, ultra-popular styles, and ridiculously low prices. Shopping on the site is easy. The Yoins team organizes the thousands of fashion choices in a number of logical ways. Shoppers can start by selecting tops, dresses, bottoms, intimate apparel, accessories, or shoes and bags, and drill down from there.

In the “Bottoms” sections, shoppers can shop by type (skirt, shorts, leggings, jeans, etc). They can also shop by style (sexy, boho, casual, party, everyday, holiday, night out), by pattern (plaid, animal print, floral, striped, etc), or by waist type (high waisted, mid waist, low waist, drawstring waist, or elastic waist). They even offer pants by trend (bike shorts, denim shorts, cargo pants, floral playsuits, etc). And these choices are just for pants! Imagine how many choices there are for tops, dresses, accessories, and more!

And one of the best things about Yoins is the insanely affordable prices. Sale items start at  €.01/ $.01! Sale items include up to 60% off Spring and Summer looks, and a whopping 80% off Fall and Winter choices. Talk about awesome, cheap clothes!

Unlike some fast fashion brands, they also offer FREE shipping (with qualifying purchases) that’s quick, (Yoins promises 5-18 days). They also offer a 30 day return period. With terms, styles, and deals like these, you can’t go wrong with Yoins.

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Offering sexy, on-trend, and affordable fashion options, BoutiqueFeel is a hit among young women looking for affordable dresses, tops, lingerie, and more. Since their 2015 founding, they’ve grown to offer delivery to almost every country in the world. BoutiqueFeel also releases new styles on a weekly basis. 

Women who embrace their curves and want to proudly show them off love the figure-hugging dresses, high waisted pant selection, fitted skirts, and deep-neck blouses and tops. Collections include sleek black options, as well as bolder patterns like florals, plaids, and animal prints. 

Like other popular fast fashion retailers, BoutiqueFeel has an app that’s available in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. The app allows shoppers to get exclusive pricing offers. They also have partnered with Klarna, so you can buy now, and pay later.

But something that’s definitely unique about BoutiqueFeel is their level of customer service. We’ve never found another fast fashion brand that offers LIVE support. It’s offered via Facebook Chat, Twitter, Instagram, email, or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s right, if you have any questions about sizing, placing an order, or return policy, you can get a REAL LIVE PERSON day or night. Bravo, BoutiqueFeel. 

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Ally Fashion 

Australian fashion darling Ally Fashion offers awesome styles for all occasions, for awesomely low prices. Every week, they drop 400 news styles- with hundreds of online exclusives- meaning you’ll always look super on point when shipping at Ally Fashion. 

Beyond their cool clothes at great prices, one of the best things about Ally Fashion is their focus on inclusion and body positivity. The brand works with models of different shapes and sizes, and they don’t believe in airbrushing or digitally altering model appearances. And in 2018, Ally extended their sizing to include more plus/curve sizes, too. 

Across the sizing board, the selection of clothing is extensive. Shoppers can choose from dress styles including boho dresses, long sleeve dresses, body con dresses, floral dresses, linen dresses, slip dresses, mini dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses, party dresses, and even mommy and me styles. Additional clothing options includes tons of tops (t-shirts, blouses, cami tops, off the shoulder tops, crop tops, bralets, and wrap tops), tons of skirt styles (knit skirts, slip skirts, satin skirts, ruffle skirts, wrap skirts, floral skirts, skater skirts, tennis shirts, a line skirts, animal skirts ,skirts of varying lengths and even skorts (skirt/short combos). The options are equally comprehensive for denim, plus size collections, accessories, and other clothing choices. 

Shopping Ally Fashion is easy.  Australians can pop into one of the 150+ domestic stores, but fret not, fashionistas- Ally Fashion offers easy, flat rate shipping outside of Australia. The good news is that the rate is flat rate, the slightly-less-than-good news is that it’s $25 AUS for anywhere in the world. While this may sound high, it equates to about $15 Euro, which isn’t terrible. But to make the shipping cost “more worthwhile,” consider placing a larger order, or pool orders with friends to split shipping costs. 

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One of the hottest names in fashion right now is Boohoo- the London-founded fast-fashion retailer that’s grown to have a major international presence… especially on social. They boast over 10 million followers and these legions of loyal fans are also big time buyers.

Young female shoppers love that the brand drops over 500 new pieces every week, ensuring a plentiful selection of the trendiest items. Popular shirt styles include crop tops, smock tops, and corsets, for pants shoppers like everything from wide leg to skinnies, flared cuts to joggers, and even culottes, striped pants, faux leather pants, paper bag pants, and mom jeans. Dresses are sorted by occasion (going out, formal, prom, etc) length and fit (midi dresses, maxi, dresses, wrap dresses, bodycon, etc), as well as overall style (skater dresses, smock dresses, 

halter dresses, blazer dresses, and even linen look dresses, satin dresses, puff sleeve dresses, and corset dresses). 

Girls who are shorter, taller, curvy, or pregnant know how tough it can be to find cool, on-trend items for their shapes. So shoppers with these body types will appreciate the extensive collections for each of these fit styles. 

Boohoo regularly has massive sales (think “60% off everything”) and offer regular promotions on things like shipping, duties, and taxes, making Boohoo an affordable option to spruce up any wardrobe.

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Body positivity is one of the hottest social topics today for young people. And no company has done a better job of incorporating the very real notion that all body types deserve- and need- representation in clothing ads than ASOS. Not only do they work with more than 200 models in different shapes and sizes to accurately represent their audience, they do it without digitally altering or retouching images. So what you see are real people, and that’s how the clothes really look. 

Although ASOS started as a brand that reproduced popular outfits from film and television- hink the red leather jacket Brad Pitt wore in Fight Club or the yellow plaid skirt set Alicia Silverstone sported in Clueless- they now create and curate the most in-demand looks for young shoppers. In addition to their house brands- which come in 30+ sizes and fits- ASOS also has over 850 additional brands available on their site. This extensive collection makes it easy to complete a multi-brand look all in one place, meaning you don’t have to pay a ton for shipping from multiple stores. Popular brands like Bershka, Levi’s, Missguided, Nike, and Pull& Bear can all be found on the ASOS website. 

ASOS is also a bit different in the fashion space, as the retailer also offers a large collection of men’s apparel and shoes (in addition to the expected women’s collection) including items like jeans, hoodies and sweatshirts, polo shirts, chinos, activewear, loungewear, shorts, swimwear, tracksuits, coats, and underwear.

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