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22 Household Tools from Amazon That Are So Convenient, You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without Them

Make your home your castle with these handy, affordable home

1. Never suffer from a tough, over cooked (or undercooked!) dinner again. This easy-to-read digital thermometer quickly, and clearly, displays the internal temp of chicken, steak, and more. Enjoy a perfectly cooked meal every time!

Glowing Review: Diane C. 

“I was a laboratory worker who needed to calibrate thermometers, and needed to read and recorded every thermometer, every day. This one is SO Quick, not like my oven thermometers (that can’t be submerged in water). This one records a temperature within seconds!”

2. Junk drawer, no more with these oh-so-versatile drawer organizers. The 25-piece set can be stacked to save space, is clear so you can see what’s inside, and are easy to clean

Glowing Review:  Lisa R.

“If you are like me, I have the infamous junk drawer in my kitchen that has just about one of everything in it! With these clear little bins, now I can see what I have and where it is! It also forces me to purge the things that are truly never going to be used again. Little bins are versatile and can be styled in any fashion that you require.” 

3. No storage space? No problem! These handy, reusable storage bags help storage-challenged squeeze more stuff into tiny spaces. Great for home or travel.

Glowing Review: Robin K. 

“OK, maybe moment changing. A colleague told me about these and I couldn’t believe that I could pack for 6 days/5 nights in a carry on. Limited shoes to 2 pairs packed (huge success on that alone) but had so much room. Easy to do once you read directions. “

4. Nothing feels more luxurious than stepping onto a soft, fluffy bath mat after a relaxing shower. These machine washable, microfiber mats won’t slip and come in over a dozen colors to perfectly match your bathroom. 

Glowing Review: Cari D.

“I replaced the old rug with this one and didn’t expect much fanfare from the family. The kids commented how soft it is. The hubby wants to know if we can carpet the entire house in whatever it’s made from. And the cat sleeps in the bathroom on the rug now. It’s incredibly soft, and it absorbs water quickly and dries quickly. I love the colors.”

5. There’s nothing less appealing than bugs in the kitchen. Skip the harsh chemicals and opt for this UV LED light that naturally attracts flying insects to rid your home of bugs. This indoor fly trap is discrete, reusable, and non-toxic.

Glowing Review: Riley C.

“I was shocked this product actually works. We live in Texas and we were disgusted by the number of fruit flies and flies that are here. We were looking for a safe and high quality solution. We found Safer Home and gave it a shot! It has worked so fast for us, we noticed so many fruit flies and flies and mosquitos within only a few days. We haven’t noticed them around our food. The light works so well and the adhesive backing is very sticky. It’s easy to use and we highly recommend.”

6. Quietly and efficiently purify your indoor air with this sleek home HEPA filter. Efficient particle filtration, quiet operation, high circulation, modern design combine, and affordable pricing combine for a smart air filter buy.  Option to add essential oils allows this filter to double as and aromatherapy diffuser.

Glowing Review: Jessie M.

“I never write reviews but I had to with this product because I am very happy. I just got a cat and started noticing that my chest was feeling tight after a week. As soon as I turn on this product after like an hour I start feeling better and I am happy that I can keep my fur baby!!!”

7. What’s better than a cup of hot, fresh coffee? A cup of iced coffee, brewed from the same machine. The compact, single-serve hot & cold coffee maker size is ideal for cramped kitchens. 

Glowing Review: Kae

“This is the best coffee maker. I’m a big iced coffee fan, and now I can make it at home better than your average coffee shop! I’ve even managed to get my husband into coffee with this baby. He’s solely an energy drink drinker, but since we got this he has made the switch. Now we are able to save money both with my coffee habits and my hubby’s caffeine habits. Very happy with this purchase!”

8. Ditch the nasty bathroom mildew with this heavy-duty magnet-weighted shower curtain liner. Buyers love this shower curtain because it stays put in the shower, doesn’t have a weird “chemically” smell, and resists mildew, even after months of use!  Choose from clear, frosted, white, or fabric white.

Glowing Review: Robert E.

“[The] Plastic is heavy enough to hang well, excellent value, so nice not to have to air it out on my porch for several well chosen days to get rid of the obnoxious plastic stink that I have come to expect with my every-other-year new liner!”

9. Avoid the embarrassment of bathroom smells with just this simple spray. Simply shake and spray  before-you-go to trap bathroom odor beneath the water’s surface. Available in multiple scents.

Glowing Review: The Clemons Family

“This stuff really works and the smell is amazing! I have OCD so I got this when I have to go to public restrooms and this helps SO MUCH!! I went number two after I sprayed this stuff and it still smelled like lemons!! If you spray this in your toilet when you are not using it just to make your bathroom smell nice it does the trick!”

10. Save on electric bills with this super-efficient, space-saving indoor heater. Quickly and easily heat your office, bedroom, living room or wherever you need with this 3-speed portable heater. And rest assured, this electric space heater comes with an ETL certification, ensuring it’s safe for daily use. 

Glowing Review: Kaylynn S.

“This tiny heater puts in so much work!! It’s freezing at my job and this actually heats up the entire area behind my desk. Even on the low settings, it still puts out so much heat. The tipping/heat protection works well too.”

11. Want better tasting coffee at home? Clean your machine with this ingenious descaler, designed to remove mineral build up and extend the life of your machine. Can be used on everything from single-serve to complex coffee machines. 

Glowing Review: David T.

“We have tried another brand but like this one better. It seems to clean the machine better and that means we don’t have to clean it as quickly the next time, which saves us time and money. We will continue to use it.”

12. Shoppers love this ergonomic, portable garment steamer because it heats up in just 30 seconds, has 360° anti-spill design, and can hold enough water for 15 minutes of continuous steaming. This steamer comes with an extra-long power cord and 3 additional attachments to remove lint and perfect creases. 

Glowing Review: Miriam B. 

“I have been wanting a steamer for a long time, but… I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. I love this thing! I hate to iron so any alternative is a gift of the gods in my opinion. 

It is very easy to use. I think I will be buying globes to protect my hands when using it, but I was able to use it perfectly well without getting burned. I steamed a linen dress that is a pain to iron with excellent results. I’m keeping my iron because I do sew once in a while and for that I will need to use it, otherwise I would be donating it. I have not taken the steamer on a trip yet, but I will take it with me next time I travel.”

13. You NEED this ingenious detachable handle cookware set. Save up to 70% of your cabinet space with this versatile 11 piece non-stick granite set. Easily go from the oven or grill, to the table, and the fridge, all in a single dish.

Glowing Review: Hellyna H. 

love the fact that you can snap the handles of and on! they are microwavable safe AND it comes with a lids to place the pans in the fridge if there’s any left overs! its aesthetically pleasing to look at and use ANDD is super easy to store ANDDD it doesn’t take up a lot of space!! Definitely recommend buying!

14. Whether in a closet, basement, or anywhere else that moisture’s the enemy, you need this miracle moisture absorber. If a car window gets left open in a storm, don’t worry about mold and moisture, just pop one of these hanging packets in the affected area and enjoy the fresh scent.

Glowing Review: Jennifer M.

“My walk in closets smell so fresh. This product collected water and banished the musty closet smell for 5 weeks. It was so easy to use. I will continue to use this product!!”

15. This futuristic, battery-operated can opener works like a charm. Open a can with just two taps, hands free! The blade cuts inside the can, ensuring no sharp edges, and the ergonomic design is perfect for those with gripping challenges, arthritis, etc. 

Glowing Review: Marilou D

“This thing is freakin’ awesome! We have a teeny kitchen so a countertop or under cabinet can opener was not an option.

My mother-in-law is 85 and I have minor arthritis with occasional carpal tunnel.

Tried this model 5 minutes after it arrived and I am WOWED.”

16. Clean your car. Clean your couch. Clean almost anything with this amazing little vacuum. It’s portable, powerful, light weight, and perfect for pet stains, auto interiors, carpet stains, wine, grease, coffee, and more.  

Glowing Review: Andrea S.

“I knew it was good… but WOW! A few years ago I stupidly bought a brand new, light in color, upholstered couch while still potty training my puppy. He obviously went ahead on peed on every cushion. The stains are at least four years old and they came out no issue. 10/10 recommend and cant wait to use it on other things.”

17. This simple-to-use frother makes delicious foamy cream for coffee at home. With nearly 45 colors, an included stand, and easy to wash parts, the premium frother is a no-brainer addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.

Glowing Review: Nathan F.

“Exceptional product! Yes, item comes in handy so many times, I’ve used it for so many different things. It’s well made, well constructed, extremely powerful for its size, and worth the money.

The battery lasts a long time, it’s easy to use, and overall an excellent product that I have been very happy with.”

18 All the style and functionality, but nearly half the price of other “big name” stainless steel tumblers with handles. The tapered cup shape makes it easy to take wherever you go, the straw prevents leaks, and the double wall insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.

Glowing Review: Danielle R.

(This tumbler is) better than a Stanley. I have bought SOOOO many cups. I’m constantly on the go as a travel nurse, always need to bring a cup along with me to stay hydrated. I’ve tried all the brands… yeti, trek, Stanley, Bubba, hydraflow, reduce, Tervis, and many more. SIMPLE MODERN BEATS ALL THESE OTHER BRANDS, especially the infamous Stanley. It’s designed perfectly, FINALLY A CUP THAT FITS IN MY CUP HOLDER, doesn’t pour out when tipped over, comfy handle. I can’t wait to buy all of the simple modern cups!

19. Mattresses are expensive- protect yours. This lightweight, waterproof mattress cover is bed bug and dust mite proof, and the zippers make it easy to put on/take off. 

Glowing Review: Sal

“Great mattress cover! Everyone who owns a mattress should have one of these. It’s super easy to install and I feel safe knowing my new mattress is protected from liquids or bugs/pests for under $30. Perfect for any mattress.”

20. Soft, fluffy towels are often cited as travelers’ favorite parts of staying in luxury hotels. Now you can enjoy that feeling at home. This 6 piece 100% Turkish towel set comes in 20 vibrant colors. 

Glowing Review: Starr O

These towels are incredibly soft yet very absorbent. They are also a generous size. Exellent for a reasonable price.

21. Slice, dice, chop, and grate like a rpo with this 13-in-1 multifunctional food chopper. This compact kitchen tool includes 8 heavy-duty stainless steel blades to easily cut tomatoes, onions, cabbage and more. Chop and slice 10x faster than with a knife! 

Glowing Review: Vamsi K.

“The Pro Onion Chopper, a multifunctional 13 in 1 Food Chopper, has revolutionized my kitchen prep and is now an essential tool in my cooking routine.

This multifunctional vegetable chopper has simplified my cooking process and made it more efficient. It’s a reliable, easy-to-use tool that I can confidently recommend to anyone looking to streamline their food prep and make cooking more enjoyable.

[This tool is] Time-Saving Marvel – The Ultimate Vegetable Chopper!”

22. Make this your go-to Dutch oven and flawlessly pair form and function. The porcelain enamel on cast iron is easy to clean, retains heat, and can withstand heat up to 500°. The 6-quart pan is available in 24 colors. 

Glowing Review: Josephine P. 

“I bought this dutch oven because it was love at first sight with the color! I’ve baked amazing breads, made killer ribs and stews in it. After a few months it still looks like new. Clean up is a breeze. I follow the directions for heating and cleaning and have had no issues at all!

[I] love this Dutch Oven.”