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🚨Free Shipping Alert! These 10 Stores Offer Free International Shipping🚨

Expensive international shipping is so frustrating to so many. So we researched the international shipping cost of thousands of stores, and found 10 mass-appeal stores that offer free international shipping

These brands and stores sell everything from fashionable workout wear and premium cosmetics to shoes and clothing for men, women, and children. There’s even a luxury brand in there!

It’s worth noting, however, that many stores have minimum purchase requirements, and not all stores offer shipping to all countries.


As one of the biggest private employers and retailers in the world, it seems that Walmart is ubiquitous. What once started as a small retailer in Arkansas, United States, now has almost 5,200 physical stores. he brand employs about 800,000 employees in 24 countries.

Shoppers love Walmart for their extensive collection of affordable merchandise. Items range from food and groceries, to health and beauty products, to pet and auto products, toys and games, home décor, sporting goods, baby items, and clothing for the whole family.

Although Walmart doesn’t ship to every country, they do ship to many countries. And subscribers of Walmart Plus will always enjoy free shipping with no minimums. 

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As one of the biggest names in affordable fashion, Shein is seemingly everywhere. The Chinese fast-fashion retailer turns around items from idea to clothes in just a few weeks. Their clothes are also considered very cheap, with clearance crop tops start at US $.99. So it’s no surprise that Shein is a hit with young women. 

In addition to ultra affordable clothing, shoppers can take advantage of buy more, save more sales. Shein also offers free shipping internationally, with a qualifying purchase. 

It’s important to note, the minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping does vary. In most countries, to receive free shipping from Shein, customers must spend at least US$129. But the amount is significantly less in some countries. 

For instance, Shein shoppers in Vietnam only need to spend US$21.92 to qualify for free shipping. In South Korea the Shein free shipping threshold is US$16.71. In the Philippines, shoppers only need to spend US$9.46. Russians only need to spend US$8.14 for free shipping from Shein. But the best deal might be the one shoppers in Madagascar gets- with free Shein shipping offered with the purchase of any two items.

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Fenty Beauty

The hip cosmetics line from Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, is one the biggest hits in the past 20 years. Building on her international acclaim in the music and movie industries, Rihanna ventured into skincare and cosmetics. Her collection contains over 50 shades, from light to very dark. While there are shades for all, it focuses on diversity and representation among darker skin tones. 

Rihanna created Fenty Beauty to fill the void she herself wanted years earlier. Hailing from Barbados, Rihanna personally understands the challenges darker-skinned women face when shopping for make up,

Regardless of their skin tone, women around the world have the opportunity to try Fenty Beauty for themselves. Today, the line offers direct shipping to almost every country in the world.

Regardless of their purchase size, Americans receive free two-day shipping. Shoppers in other countries must spend US $75 to get free shipping of Fenty Beauty products. If an international shopper’s cart doesn’t total US$75, the flat rate shipping cost is just US $9.95. And with products starting at just US$14, we recommend adding an extra item or two to save on shipping. 

Click here to shop Fenty Beauty, offering free shipping (on qualifying purchases) globally.


If three words could sum up a brand, Nike’s famed “Just Do It” do just that. A 1988 slogan has inspired countless professional and ameture athletes to compete at their best.

The sportswear giant is famous for creating stylish, performance-focused workout shorts, leggings, tops, sports bras, and of course sneakers. The Nike Swoosh can be found on products for men, women, and children. The Nike icon’s also found on accessories and equipment focused on sports like running, the gym/training, yoga, cross training, tennis, golf, dance, basketball, football, skateboarding, rugby, and indoor court sports. So Nike probably makes a product for you.

As of now, Nike ships to 55 countries globally. For frequent shoppers of Nike- or anyone who lives outside of the United States- we recommend signing up for a free Nike Membership profile. The Nike Membership program offers shoppers free Nike shipping, even internationally! 

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When getting dressed up for a night out, women want to look and feel their best. If a woman’s “best” includes a sexy, figure-hugging style she’ll love BoutiqueFeel. She’ll also love the ultra-affordability of BoutiqueFeel. The online-only retailer offers hundreds of new styles each week, making it easy for women to shop the site regularly. 

Whether from the website or the BoutiqueFeel app, shoppers can quickly browse the sprawling selection of clothing. Popular items include bodysuits, crop tops, jumpsuits, jeans, coats, tie-dye tops and more. 

BoutiqueFeel is a great choice for cheap clothing online. The retailer ships to almost every country in the world. BoutiqueFeel offers free shipping on all orders of US$69 or higher.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth, Salma Hayek, Idris Elba, Sofia Vergara, and Kate Moss are all among the stars who count makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury as a friend. They also serve as her brand ambassadors.

After launching in 2013 with an astonishing 200 products in her collection, Charlotte Tilbury quickly became one of the most coveted brands in beauty. Although shoppers can find her illuminating powders and creams, contour collections, luxurious facial moisturizers, creamy eyeliners, luscious lip colors and more at retailers like ASOS, Bloomingdale, and Sephora, the collection is also available in 36 countries globally, primarily the European Union, as well as populous nations like US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Beauty enthusiasts looking for a deal on delivery of Charlotte Tilbury items will be pleased to know Charlotte Tilbury does offer free shipping, international too! In order to qualify for free shipping, a shopper must purchase at least €59 worth of merchandise. 

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Marks and Spencer

As we discussed in our HACK ARTICLE, shopping at international department stores that carry many brands is often a great “trick” to get the exact brand shipped to your country, if that brand doesn’t ship directly to you. 

And shopping at British-headquartered  Marks and Spencer- known informally as “Marks and Sparks” on the streets of London- is made easier, thanks to their international free shipping policy.

The brand- which was founded over 130 years ago- specialises in clothing, home, furniture, beauty, food, wine, and flowers/gifts. Marks and Spencer carries over 100 premium brands, many of which are not directly available in in remote, international locations

To ship Marks and Spencer purchases globally, shoppers do not need to have a minimum qualifying purchase. Yes, that means most shoppers qualify for completely free shipping from Marks and Spencer. Not only is this quite rare, but hesitant shoppers can try out a new brand without having to worry about paying hefty shipping and return fees.

Note that there are a few countries where circumstances beyond Marks and Spencers’ control may necessitate a nominal fee for shipping. These countries include Belarus, Estonia, Gabon, Ghana, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan. And although these countries aren’t eligible for Marks and Spencer free shipping, the fee is proportionately low to the cost of most orders, making the fee no big deal.

Click here to shop Marks and Spencer, and get free shipping (to almost every country in the world).


Desigual, the edgy, urban-inspired streetwear brand is one of many to offer free international shipping, with a minimum qualifying purchase. The brand has consistently been known for their bright and bold patterns, styles, and designs, and the “street style” comes through in almost all of their items. 

Following their 1984 founding, ever progressive Desigual- meaning unequal or uneven in the founders’ native Catalan- has always been innovative in style, and now is innovative in the use of the materials in their clothes, in that collections include organic and eco-friendly materials  Shoppers can even choose items made with recycled items! 

Shoppers in over 100 countries from Albania and Algeria to Venezuela and Vietnam can order Desigual clothing, bags, and accessories delivered to them. Additionally, Desigual offers free shipping on these international orders, so long as the minimum purchase value is at least €150. 

Click here to shop Desigual, and earn free shipping with a purchase of at least €150.


The German sportswear company is revered the world over as one of the greatest brands in athletics, not only because of their prominent sponsorships and celebrity endorsements, but also because they’ve consistently delivered quality athletic shoes, workout pants, shorts, tops, sweatshirts, and related accessories since their 1949 launch. 

Today, adidas ships to over 40 countries globally, and with qualifying (and in our opinion, reasonable) minimum spends, that shipping is free. The minimum purchase in Norway is NOK 250, in South Africa, a shopper must spend R400, in Thailand, the minimum spend for free shipping from Adidas is ฿ 2,200, and in Colombia, the minimum spend for free shipping is $ 149,900 COP.

For adidas enthusiasts who live outside of the 40 countries to which adidas offers direct shipping, we have a solution (although there may be a nominal shipping fee). Learn how shopping at a major department store that does offer delivery to your country is a great work-around to get a fashion brand that doesn’t ship to you.

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Burberry’s checked pattern is so iconic- it represents British elegance, luxury, and warmth- that seemingly every knockoff market and street vendor sells everything from hats and scarves to bags and sunglasses bearing a check pattern. 

But for shoppers who want the real deal, they’re in luck as Burberry ships to 44 countries globally. While many of these are are part of the European Union, or are other populous countries (United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia), Burberry also ships to nations like China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. 

In keeping with their focus on creating the finest items, Burberry extends this elegance to their shipping and delivery process. Regardless of order size, Burberry offers complimentary shipping on all purchases, even internationally. 

Click here to shop Burberry, and enjoy completely free shipping on all purchases, even international.