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Does Tiffany Ship to Seychelles?

No, Tiffany does not ship to Seychelles.  They luxury jewelry brand- made internationally famous by the 1961 Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s– specializes in diamond engagement rings and other premium stones in jewelry ranging from rings to earrings to necklaces to bracelets, but unfortunately, Tiffany’s does not currently ship to Seychelles. Not offering shipping- […]

Does Louis Vuitton Ship to Israel?

No, Louis Vuitton does not ship to Israel. What may be the most iconic luxury handbag and luggage brand on earth, French-founded Louis Vuitton bags have been spotted being carried by sports stars, celebrities, and the wealthy alike. However, Louis Vuitton does not offer direct shipping to Israel, making it challenging to get Louis Vuitton […]

Does Longchamp Ship to Israel?

No, Longchamp does not ship to Israel. The French nylon and leather luxury handbag, luggage, and small leather goods manufacturer doesn’t mail to Israel currently. However, Longchamp does have around 1,500 retail locations in over 80 countries globally. The brand is most famous for its “Le Pliage” foldable tote, which comes in a seemingly endless […]

Does Jo Malone Ship to Israel?

No, Jo Malone does not ship to Israel. Jo Malone is famed for their premium fragrances, body care, and candles, which are offered in a variety of luxurious combinations. Jo Malone products are sold in stand alone stores and in third party retailers around the world.  However, you do have other buying options… As an […]

Does Harrods Ship to Israel?

Yes, Harrods does ship to Israel. Click here to go to Harrods Israel. The famed-London department store- which boasts over 330 individual departments sprawling 1 million square feet/100,000 sq meters of retail space, making it one of Europe’s largest department stores- is one of the most luxurious and comprehensive retailers in the world. At present, […]

Does Gucci Ship to Israel?

No, Gucci does not ship to Israel. The famed Italian leather maker known for their luxurious handbags and shoes, for dressing celebrities like Grace Kelly, and of course, the famed interlocking Gs logo, doesn’t offer direct shipping to Israel presently.  However, you do have other buying options… For shoppers seeking other premium luxury brands that […]

Does Chanel Ship to Israel?

No, Chanel does not ship to Israel. The French fashion house specializing in luxury items like handbags, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, watches, eyewear, and of course, haute couture does not directly ship to Israel.  Other buying choices are… Other luxury brands that do ship to Israel include Alexander McQueen, Brunello Cucinelli, Canada Goose, Cartier, Giorgio […]