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How to Get Shein in Australia

Cheap, trendy, frequently updated clothing sites are THE choice of Gen Z and other young shoppers. And perhaps no site is as popular as Shein, a Chinese retailer that creates hundreds of new pieces each week

Good news for fashionistas in Australia: Shein offers shipping to Australia!

Shein doesn’t have any physical locations, but their online-only (and truly mobile-first) status has likely led to their viral success. Most of the brand’s massive sales come from young people on their phone. Those shoppers further fuel Shein’s influence among Gen Z, as shoppers often post their “hauls” of affordable clothes on Instagram and TikTok.

Shein’s biggest competitors are the brick-and-mortar behemoths Zara, H&M, ASOS, and Boohoo. Missguided and Fashion Nova are also competitors, and all six stores can turn around new designs very quickly. 

Fashion lovers in Australia are drawn to the cheap, trendy clothing items that are regularly turning over. With tons of tops, bottoms, and accessories less than $10 USD, regularly purchasing new outfits is still super affordable.

Australians can order from Shein, and have their orders shipped directly to them.

Click here to shop Shein Australia.