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How to Get Le Creuset in Sweden

Le Creuset is a premium cookware brand which has its roots in France. They were founded in 1925, and remain popular today. Since their founding, Le Creuset has evolved into an international brand with a collection of bold, bright, and long-lasting cookware.

Cooking enthusiasts in Sweden are lucky, as Le Creuset delivers to Sweden.

Le Creuset offers a unique variety of cookware, as well as kitchen tools. Popular collections include enameled cast iron, stainless steel, bakeware, dinnerware, tea kettles, and of course, French ovens. While all of Le Creuset’s items are popular, their enameled cast iron and French ovens are the most iconic.

The French cookware brand was one of the first to adding bright, bold coloring to their pans. Their most popular color is Volcanic Flame, a bright red/orange. Other colors are artichaut, Soleil, shell pink, spice red, and cerise.

Le Creuset carries a high price tag, but it’s worth every penny. Users of Le Creuset around the world have testified of the durability and warranty of their items, which last for decades.

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