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How to Get Le Creuset in France

French-founded cookware brand Le Creuset is a popular international choice for home cooks seeking the best. Although the brand was originates here in France, Le Creuset’s items are now popular globally.

Today, the Le Creuset brand remains popular in France, as well as Japan, the United States, and South Africa.

Unsurprisingly, Le Creuset offers delivery in France.

Le Creuset offers a unique variety of cookware and kitchen tools. These include the enameled cast iron pieces, non-stick pots, dinnerware, French ovens, stockpots, and tea kettles. Their enameled cast iron and French ovens arguably are Le Creuset’s most popular items.

Le Creuset is also known for producing colorful cookware. Popular colors include flame, Caribbean, stone, Soleil, and coastal blue. However, the most iconic of these colors is Volcanic Flame, a rich red/orange. 

In most markets, Le Creuset’s biggest competitors are Staub, Von Shef, Pro Cook, and Lodge. 

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