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How Can I Shop for Alexander McQueen in Turkey?

The Alexander McQueen launched his eponymous fashion house to give him the creative freedom he lacked while running design at Givenchy. The late, ever-so-eclectic designer was famously known for his over-the-top fashion shows & clothing designs. He also had reputation for quality tailoring. The brand started as a men’s luxury fashion house, but eventually added a collection for women, too.

One of the brand’s most popular recent additions is the McQueen Graffiti Collections for men and women. This collection is great for those who want to make a not-so-subtle statement about who they’re wearing in unexpected, playful designs. Shoppers also love the he Curve Bag. It’s a surprisingly chic, uniquely shaped, bucket bag that comes in a variety of colors.

While Alexander McQueen does ship to many countries, they don’t ship to Turkey. But fear not: designer fashion enthusiasts in Turkey can still get Alexander McQueen.

How? We recommend shopping at a luxury department store that carries Alexander McQueen and ships to Turkey. We like premium retailers like Bergdorf GoodmanNeiman Marcus, or Harvey Nichols. Each store ships to almost every country in the world and carries Alexander McQueen.