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Does Desigual Ship to Brunei?

Yes, Desigual does ship to Brunei.

Click here to go directly to Desigual Brunei.

Desigual is a Spanish brand known for bold, urban-inspired colors, patterns, prints, styles, and designs. It’s these eye-catching looks which have made Desigual popular in Europe and beyond since the brand’s 1984 founding. 

Desigual- meaning “unequal” or “uneven” in Catalan- prides itself on being a leader in sustainability. They’re consistently refining their design aesthetic and process to increasingly focus on environmental responsibility. Desigual even allows shoppers to filter merchandise choices based on the level of sustainability to only select organic, eco-friendly, or even garments including recycled materials.

Shoppers in warm climates- like that of Brunei- especially love the brand’s extensive collection of t-shirts, lightweight dresses and skirts, swimwear, shorts, and sandals featuring Desigual’s famous patterns. Desigual’s collection, however, is varied and includes popular items for all sorts of climates such as denim jeans, jackets/coats and sweatshirts/jumpers, and an assortment of modern, street-inspired sneakers. Desigual accessories available in Brunei include backpacks, belts, hats and bags. 

Desigual offers full lines for men and women, as well as fashion and accessories for girls and boys, too. Items for men, women, and children from Desigual can be shipped to Brunei.

Click here to go directly to Desigual Brunei.

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