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Does Alo Yoga Ship to Canada?

Alo Yoga is an authentic yogi brand. They produce clothing, shoes, accessories, skincare, and essential oils for both men and women. The clothing in the Alo Yoga collection is a perfect blend of luxury and performance. All the items are crafted to be worn in and out of the studio.

Looking for the brand’s bestsellers? For women, we recommend their their ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Airlift Intrigue’ bras, the ‘Airbrush High-Waist Bootcut’, ‘⅞ High-Waist Airbrush’, and ‘⅞ High-Waist Airlift’ leggings, and the (almost obnoxiously) cute Foxy Sherpa Jacket. And for the guys, make sure to look out for their ‘Triumph Crew Neck Tee’ and ‘Triumph Sweatpant’, ‘Core Hooded Runner’, ‘Co-op Pant’, and the ‘Revitalize Pant’.

And there’s good news for yogis and athleisure fans in Canada: Alo Yoga offers direct shipping to Canada.

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