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Can I Get Diptyque in Taiwan?

Diptyque, the luxury candles, perfume, and home fragrance brand, was started in 1961 by three friends: Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Christiane Gautrot. The brand started in Paris and has since spread worldwide.

Diptyque is best known for its luxe candles. Its all-time bestseller is Baies, which is French for “berries.” Baies smells of juicy, tart blackcurrants and fresh roses. Another fan-favorite is Figuier (Fig Tree), which is a green, fruity scent. Diptyque have something for every taste imaginable.

While luxe-lovers the world over love Diptyque, the brand doesn’t currently ship directly to Taiwan. But fear now- it’s still easy to get Diptyque in Taiwan. How? Simply shop at a premium department store that carries Diptyque candles and offers international shipping to Taiwan.

Our favorites are Nordstrom (they have over 140 Dyptique candles and fragrances on their site) and Neiman Marcus (they stock nearly 50 of the most popular Diptyque items). Both retailers offer shipping to Taiwan.