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Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani

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Alex and Ani: Alex and Ani is an American retailer and producer of jewelry, it is mostly known for producing rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Many Alex And Ani items are made of recycled material. This means they go through an aging process, which is just the beauty of the jewelry. Also, Alex and Ani bracelets are made from recycled brass and they have a Russian silver or Russian gold finish.

While "the best" jewelry's a subjective position, Alex and Ani fans seem to have favorites, including the Initial Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet, the women's Quill Feather Bangle, "Always Close to My Heart" necklace, the Cross Charm Bangle, bracelets for mom, grandma, and sister, along with collaboration bracelets for the TV show Friends, the Harry Potter movies, and Star Wars-themed bracelets.

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